School events, festivities, project days and much more: Platanus is a living and diverse community about which there is always something to tell. And so it is not forgotten, all our news is archived.

A very warm welcome, our dear „Firsties“!

On Saturday, it was that time of year again! On this special day, 48 smartly dressed, nervous and excited children were welcomed into both of our new 1st grade classes. The 2nd graders and the … more "A very warm welcome, our dear „Firsties“!"
Alle Schülerinnen und Schüler auf dem Schulhof

Farewell as the Summer Holidays Start

Time is flying by and another school year has passed. Yesterday we had a beautiful, emotional celebration to mark the end of primary school for our grown up 6a class. We looked back at the last year … more "Farewell as the Summer Holidays Start"
Summer Theater at Platanus School

Summer Theater at Platanus School

The entertaining, clever and subtle theatre performance of the "Three Pieces of Summer" was premiered in our school on Saturday evening. It was simply overwhelming and the adults were as thrilled and amazed … more "Summer Theater at Platanus School"
Kinder der 5. Klasse vor dem Reichstagsgebäude

Our 5th Graders visit the Bundestag

As part of our Work & Travel program, the children in 5a, together with their Social Science teachers Herr Zeh and Dr Stahl, visited the German parliament (Bundestag) in Berlin Mitte. A … more "Our 5th Graders visit the Bundestag"
Survival Training in „Camp Adventure“

Survival Training in „Camp Adventure“

“Camp Adventure” is an organisation, who since 2002 have combined the positive aspects of German holiday activities and Canadian summer camps. As part of our Work & Travel program, at the end… more "Survival Training in „Camp Adventure“"
Kinder mit Sieger-Urkunden

Proud winners in the Maths Competition!

The ‚Känguruh-Tag‘ is an event held once per year in March. This voluntary Test-Competition attracts around 6 million participants from 60 countries worldwide and is growing in popularity. It was … more "Proud winners in the Maths Competition!"
Kind rennt durch den Park

Charity Run and Working Bee 2017

Our Parents Association Platanus & Friends once again called for the annual Charity Run in Schlosspark Pankow. Despite the erratic April weather, our children joyfully and eagerly completed lap after lap … more "Charity Run and Working Bee 2017"
Reagenzgläser mit Flüssigkeiten

‘Science Days’ at the Platanus Schule Berlin

This month at Platanus we enjoyed Science and Mathematics to its fullest! On Tuesday the 14th of March like every year, the international Pi Day took place. The Year 7 celebrated in a … more "‘Science Days’ at the Platanus Schule Berlin"

And in the afternoon we’ll go the the Museum!

Berlin’s museum landscape is unique. In over 180 museums, the masterpieces, treasures, large art collections, scientific phenomena and impressive archeological finds are on display. … more "And in the afternoon we’ll go the the Museum!"
Kinder bei der Zeugnisausgabe

Report Cards and “Well Done” Certificates

On the last school day, intrigued and full of anticipation, students received their half-yearly report cards. We also celebrated another special and festive event that students always … more "Report Cards and “Well Done” Certificates"
Schülerinnen und Schüler auf der Bühne bei der Grünen Woche

Year 7´s “Grüne Woche” Visit

In line with the subject of Economy, Work and Ethics, and in collaboration with “Grüne Woche” in Berlin, our Year 7 students visited the "One World – Young Generation 2017" exhibition. On-hand … more "Year 7´s “Grüne Woche” Visit"
Kreative Arbeit eines Kindes

Project Day in our Primary School

During the report card conference with the teachers of Platanus, the Erzieher implemented a special project day for each year level. The children learned to apply their existing knowledge through various … more "Project Day in our Primary School"