School events, festivities, project days and much more: Platanus is a living and diverse community about which there is always something to tell. And so it is not forgotten, all our news is archived.

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Year 6 and Year 10 Farewell

The last school before the summer break and the somewhat wistful farewell to the pupils of our Year 6 and Year 10 classes. 20th July 2016: On the last school day before the summer break we celebrated more than … more "Year 6 and Year 10 Farewell"

Class 2a: Declaration of Independence

Autonomy, Independence and Fireworks! We celebrate the american Independence Day as a project day on the 4th July 2016. 4th July 2016: Today our students celebrated a very important birthday. We not … more "Class 2a: Declaration of Independence"

Exchange for a Change of Perspective

For us, learning from each other means that from time to time, we need to have a change of perspective.  For this to happen, we need an outside influence.  On the 9th June, our Erzieher team visited the… more "Exchange for a Change of Perspective"
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Our Success in the Kangaroo Competition

Math is fun! Shortly before Easter our students were involved in the Kangaroo Mathematics Competition.  They did a fantastic job deliberating over, and used their creativity to solve various problems.… more "Our Success in the Kangaroo Competition"

Working with Dictation Machines and Dudens

Our school magazine was founded in the 2014/15 school year. Once a week, approximately 12 students from grades three to six meet with Ms. Totzauer and Frau Koglin in the library. Together they … more "Working with Dictation Machines and Dudens"

Platanus storms the Hall!

September 25th, 2015 • Füchse Berlin run into the Max-Schmeling-Halle with the World Championship Trophy and our Platanus children. Only 3 weeks after school started back, the children from our Handball club … more "Platanus storms the Hall!"

Theater Premiere: “Allesuniversum: Lichterde

June 19th, 2015 • A great performance from our Platanus Junior Theater Company at the Gala of „Tag der Freien Schulen“ (day of the free schools). When I presented our self-invented … more "Theater Premiere: “Allesuniversum: Lichterde"

Class 5a take a trip to Malaysia

May 24th, 2015 • During our project week on „Dealing with Diversity“, class 5a were allowed to visit the Malaysian Embassy. Our children took part in a special education program for school classes … more "Class 5a take a trip to Malaysia"

Class 3a builds a Time Machine

When our 3a kids asked themselves the question; „Why is there even time at all?“ it was the perfect starting point, not only to deal with the subject of time, but also to ask: „Can one travel through … more "Class 3a builds a Time Machine"
Erzieherin im Kindergarten

Amelie Lachere

Educator in the “Explorers” Kindergarten Group