Class 3a builds a Time Machine

When our 3a kids asked themselves the question; „Why is there even time at all?“ it was the perfect starting point, not only to deal with the subject of time, but also to ask: „Can one travel through time?“. To finally determine whether time travel is a myth or not, we spent weeks building a time machine out of a bicylce that was no longer working, which was kindly donated by Sabine Schoenermark. With lots of imagination, tools, needles and thread as well as ongoing discussions, we gradually put all the pieces together and attached them to the bike. The time machine now has, among other things, a variety of buttons and cables for control and a self-destruction button.

The big highlight was the inauguration of the time machine. One year previous, each child in the class wrote a letter to themselves about how they imagine the third grade to be in 2015. With the self-made time machine, we traveled back to June 2014 and the letters were picked up and read with great joy.

With that, it was proved to us that with a bit of imagination, time travel can really work and everyone can make it up for themselves, exactly how they would travel into the past!

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