Finally a summer party again – with rain showers!

After a break of 2 years, we were more than happy to finally be able to celebrate our summer festival again and unerringly chose the only day that had been rainy for weeks.

Nevertheless, it was great. The opening took place with all classes in the gymnasium, as it started to rain exactly at 2 pm when the festival started. Our all-day leader, Mr. Lüer, together with the pupils of his school events group, announced what awaited us in the schoolyard and on the ground floor and all the children were excited and looking forward to it. A roaring applause and cheering filled our gym. Mrs. Winkelmann from Platanus & Friends also said a few words of welcome, as our booster club again co-organised and financially sponsored this festival.

The following activities took place:

  • Giant bouncy castle in the schoolyard
  • Giant darts at Green Space
  • Sumo wrestling in the schoolyard
  • Creative workshop in the large Early/Late room
  • Face painting and glitter tattoos for children in the small Early/Late room
  • Inline pony rides on the ground floor
  • Wii Challenge in the EAL room
  • Giant bubbles in the school playground
  • Buffet in the Mensa
  • Children’s cocktails and crêpe stand in the Mensa
  • Junior and Senior Choir – performance in the Mensa
  • Dance-Club – performance in the Mensa
  • Sausage barbecue of our parents’ association on the schoolyard.

Everyone had a great time and also “our” parents and our team finally had the opportunity to get together and drink a glass of prosecco together.

By the way, the prosecco stand was also organised by the parents of “Platanus & Friends” and the glasses didn’t stay empty for long. Since the buffet was also eaten within half an hour, our parents’ association spontaneously ordered 35 more pizzas.

It was a great party and we are already looking forward to our next “Platanus & Friends” event, the Magic Movie Night on 19 November 2022.


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