Co-Curricular Enrichment Program

Our Erzieher*innen are responsible for the Co-Curricular Enrichment Program at our school. They take care of our early/late care supervision, our immersion activities throughout the school day, as well as the program during the school holidays. In the afternoons, our Erzieher*innen, teachers and external club leaders offer a variety of clubs for the children.

Our school’s Ganztag team actively and enthusiastically shape school life. Within the full-day program, our Erzieher*innen hold responsibilities that go far beyond the level of care traditionally offered before school and in the afternoon. This involves both Support-Teaching, that is, lessons planned together with the teacher, and the organisation and implementation of various and varied full-day offerings. These take place throughout the school day and are linked to the content of the lessons or result from the development phases, the children’s interests and current issues facing children and young people.

Erzieher und Kinder im Kochkurs

In Years 1 to 6, each school class has its own Class Erzieher. The children are accompanied through the day by their class Erzieher – during Support-Teaching in class, during Ganztag and study periods, during breaks and meals together in the canteen. They are important persons of trust and support the children in their learning and language acquisition as well as in their personal development.

The also plan and organize the afternoon program with over 40 clubs for all age groups as well as the exciting and varied holiday program for Years 1 to 6.

We offer our secondary school students in Years 7 to 10 special clubs according to their interests and with more demanding tasks, as well as consultations with the subject teachers, support with homework, more personal responsibility in the regular class council and in the school committees, and challenging projects.

FAQ on our Co-Curricular Enrichment Program

Early care supervision takes place before lessons begin, from 6 to 8am, for all children in grades 1 to 6 whose parents already have to go to work. The children rest or play together and start the new day in a slow and relaxed manner.

Lessons begin at 8:10 for all students. The class or subject teachers are present in the class rooms from 8:00 and supervise the children as they start their school day in a quiet and organised way.

Depending on the grade and the day of the week, the compulsory school day for each class ends between 13:30 and 15:30.

In order to make the school day as comfortable as possible for all students and have the daily routine run smoothly, the daily schedules for grades 1 and 2 vary from grades 3 and 4, and grades 5 to 10 in lessons, Co-Curricular Enrichment and break times. In this way, we ensure a quiet lunch time, relaxed break times in the schoolyard and optimal utilisation of the subject rooms. Each class receive their timetables and daily schedules at the beginning of the school year.

Our afternoon program takes places between 13:30/15:30 (depending on the day of the week) and 18:00, with lots of clubs in either the English or German language. These clubs are made up of school students from all classes.

For all primary school students in grades 1 to 6, afternoon supervision is provided until either 4 pm or 6 pm, according to the individual supervision vouchers. This consists of free play time in the schoolyard or in our spacious early/late care room on the ground floor. Our school library is also open four afternoons per week and on two afternoons, the students have the opportunity to finish their homework in the homework hoom.

Lesson units or immersion activities can last for either 40 or 120 minutes. During this time, depending on age, development and the students‘ daily mood, one or more short breaks are taken, in which concentration is maintained by means of short movements or relaxation exercises. Through this regular alternation of phases, which either demand increased attention or phases which practice relaxation, we accommodate the natural daily rhythm of the students. In addition, individual, partner, group and station work, and other working methods change over the course of the school day. This enables us to achieve optimal learning conditions for the children in all subjects and immersion activities throughout the day.

From grades 1-6, the students eat both lunch and snack at a table, as a class group, with their Class Erzieher*innen. It is important to us that all children have the chance to eat their lunch in peace. For this reason, we organise lunch breaks and snack times in different shifts, depending on the grade. Every child can take the time they need to eat and those who are finished eating are allowed to go and play in the schoolyard.

Both lunch and snack are prepared according to nutritional physiology principles. Lunch is delivered by the catering firm Löwenzahn, and our afternoon snack is prepared by our school housekeeper. Sugar-free drinks and fruits and vegetables are available for the children in the cafeteria all day long. The parents also give their children a drink bottle with either water or sugar-free tea along with a second, healthy breakfast each day. This is eaten in the classroom shortly before or after the morning break.

Our students can choose from a very wide range of clubs in the field of sports, music, dance, art, languages, media/computers, maths, science, engineering, handiwork and crafts. Here you will find our club plan of the current school year.

Our Erzieher*innen and teachers design their clubs according to their strengths, abilities and experiences. Due to constant new ideas and developments, we are constantly adding to the clubs we offer. From grade 6 upwards, the students support us in the selection and organisation of their own clubs. The majority of our clubs take place in either the German or English language. Some clubs are led by two club leaders in both languages.

We also work in cooperation with external experts and partners to offer even more variety and to expand our club offers even further. We organise many of our sports clubs in this way with different associations (for example, SV Empor – Soccer, Alba Berlin – Basketball, Wasserratten e.V. – Swimming, Kletterhalle Berta Block – Climbing). The music school Schneegans offers one-to-one music lessons in piano, violin and guitar in our school building at an additional cost.

We follow the Berlin school calendar and have the same holidays as all other schools in Berlin.

We offer a varied holiday program from 6:00 to 18:00 each day during the school holidays. This program is for children in grades 1 to 6 and includes lots of interesting projects, exciting excursions and relaxed freeplay time.

In two weeks of the summer holidays we have a closing time with emergency care from 7.30 am to 5 pm, for which you have to register until April 30th. In the last week of the summer holidays, during Christmas holidays and on bridge days our school is closed. In addition, the school is always closed 3 days after the winter holidays during our team days.

Of course, we share the holidays and closing periods with all parents in good time and hang the information up in the Foyer.

In the 1st and 2nd grade our students use open cloakrooms.

For every student from Year 3 onwards, a locker must be rented free of charge. Here the children can include textbooks, exercise books, sports bags, bicycle helmets and other personal items. Children in grades 1 and 2 have also the option of renting a locker.

The alternating phases of the rhythmic daily routine are also reflected in our room concept. Up until 4th grade, the students have two rooms with a connecting door available to them. The classroom is equipt with tables and chairs while the connecting Co-Curricular Enrichment Room is more individual with open spaces, relaxation corners, as well as craft and construction areas. These Co-Curricular Enrichment Rooms are also co-designed by the children. This concept allows the students to take a step back at certain times of the day and allows them to decide whether they want to work in the classroom or in the Co-Curricular Enrichment Room.

Grades 5 – 10 have various group rooms available to them beside their classrooms. These rooms can be used for Team-Teaching or for working in small groups.

Yes, the class hour or Klassenrat (class council) is a fixed part of the timetable and takes place once per week. This time is used by both class teacher and class Erzieher*innen (from grade 7 only bi-weekly with the class teacher) with their class, to discuss current topics that preoccupy the students or colleagues.