Dr. Rueben Okine

Rueben Okine
Falk Weiss, Weiß Falk

Deputy Head of School Co-Curricular Enrichment Program – Years 1 to 10, Class Erzieher 6a

As part of the school leadership team, Mr. Rueben Okine substitutes Mr. Lüer in our co-curricular enrichment program. Mr. Okine was born and grew up in Accra, Ghana. He attended the University of Ghana where he graduated with BA Psychology and later MA Migration Studies. While in Ghana, Mr. Okine worked in the public sector before he moved to Germany in 2014 for studies. He completed an European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations with studies at the University of Oldenburg (Germany), University of Stavanger (Norway) and University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and an internship in The Hague (The Netherlands). In 2018, he worked as a freelance native English Speaker and Substitute Teacher at different Kindergartens and Primary schools across Berlin. He has also volunteered to work with kids and youth in Berlin but also while in Accra. In 2020, he joined the Platanus team as an Erzieher, and is currently the Class Erzieher for 6a.
Mr. Okine is responsible for the school’s MS Teams operation support and leads the Oware Club.Thus, Rueben has a background migration and diaspora research and policy. Mr. Okine likes to watch and play football, run, cook and watch movies in his free time.