Our Elective Courses – “Show & Tell” Event

Show&Tell Veranstaltung zur Präsentation der Wahlpflichtfächer

And it’s time again to choose the elective courses for the next school year.

Elective courses are part of the schedule for students in grades 5 and 6 and consist of one double period (80 minutes) per week in a course of their choice. The curriculum for these courses is created by the teacher offering them, and there is no formal assessment. Instead, there is a qualitative assessment in the form of a sentence that is attached to the report card.

As usual, we have a wide range of courses on offer next year: “Computer Skills”, “STEAM”, “Robotics”, “Ceramics”, “Spanish” and “Detectives and their Thrilling Cases” and “Theatre”.

On Thursday, May 25, we held a “WP Show and Tell” event where students* in grades 4 and 5 could learn more about the WP courses. Our elective teachers* worked with the 6th grade students to prepare information booths in the gym and the 4th and 5th grade kids were able to learn and share information to help them make their choices for the next school year.

It was a great event and we would like to thank Ms. Kappes, our principal – teaching in grades 5 to 7 for organizing it.


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