We are hiring: Substitution Teacher!

We are looking for an experienced and motivated substitution teacher in part time (20 to 35h), for Years 1-10 with working language German to complete our international team, starting next school year from August, 15th, 2022.

As part of this team and in your role as a substitution teacher, you will have the opportunity to work with all colleagues and in all classes of our school. Your individual timetable includes stand-by times, during which you can be deployed in various subjects for short or longer periods of time.

In the event of a short-term substitute situation, you will receive lesson preparation from the substitute teacher for the first 3 days, after which you will take over lesson preparation on your own. You will also participate in team meetings and provide break supervision. If necessary, you may also be assigned to provide emergency care. A switch to full-time would also be possible in the next school year if the school subjects we have offered are covered.

Become part of our well-coordinated team of teachers and educators and look forward to a special and varied job as a teacher at our bilingual primary and secondary school!

Here you can find 20 good reasons to apply to Platanus Schule Berlin:

  • Our bilingual school (German/English) offers a vibrant and culturally diverse community with people from all around the world.
  • Responsibility, independence, respect, tolerance, self-confidence and gender equality are values that we live by every single day.
  • Our comprehensive, modern educational approach aims to motivate students to learn actively and independently.
  • Class sizes are small, usually no more than 24 students per class.
  • We are a relatively small team and a caring and open school community. Fostering a pleasant and friendly learning and working atmosphere is a matter close to our heart.
  • We place great emphasis on teamwork! Team teaching or support teaching in more than half of the lessons in almost all subjects and peer observations mean professional cooperation and more time to meet the individual needs of the students.
  • We value our entire team as professionals. This means teachers and Erziehers are equals within our school.
  • Newcomers at Platanus Schule Berlin will of course receive our full attention and support. Each new colleague will have a mentor within the school to help them navigate and adjust to our school.
  • We will support you in learning German or English.
  • Your professional development is important to us: We encourage participation in internal and external professional development courses by supporting you financially as well as making it organizationally possible for you to attend courses.
  • You are welcome to implement your own ideas and personal interests in various aspects of our school life – in lessons and in Ganztag and our holiday programmes.
  • We are open to your constructive feedback on everyday school life and appreciate your life and professional experience in our work together.
  • A personal work laptop, a Platanus e-mail address, reliable IT support, stable WLAN and a spacious, well-equipped area for our employees create optimal working conditions.
  • We offer teachers a reduction in lesson hours for classroom teachers, heads of department and taking on additional tasks.
  • Working time is living time! We try to respond to individual needs and take into account your own personal work-life balance when creating timetables. In addition, we offer the children of our employees preferential admission to our Platanus Kindergarten or to the lara.kita, our cooperation partner. Of course, there is also the possibility of admission to Platanus Schule Berlin, subject to availability of school places as well as language and academic qualifications.
  • Remuneration is paid according to our in-house tariff with 6 pay grade levels.
  • Mistakes happen and you can always feel safe with us – because we maintain an open Fehlerkultur with respectful interaction with each other.
  • Diversity@Platanus: Regardless of age, gender, origin or religion, or other personal characteristics, we welcome all people who respect our values.
  • Sustainability and environmental protection play a major role in our everyday work. We try to meet our responsibility for future generations and to make our educational facilities as climate neutral as possible.
  • We simply enjoy working together!

We can think of a lot more reasons, but we would like to share them with you in a face-to-face meeting and get to know you.

If you are passionate about your profession as a teacher and are looking for a job in an international and inspiring working environment, if you can prove that you have passed the 2nd state examination for the teaching profession at secondary level I and/or II or a teaching qualification recognised as equivalent in the state of Berlin plus school teaching experience (1st state examination/Master of Education or a university degree at Master’s level in at least one of the subjects mentioned), please send us your application to ed.eluhcs-sunatalp@ereirrak.

We look forward to meeting you!

Platanus Schule Berlin
Karen Krüger (Managing Director)
Berliner Straße 12
13187 Berlin
E-Mail: ed.eluhcs-sunatalp@ereirrak


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