News in Times of the Corona Pandemic

+++ Update of 26.10.2020 +++

Today the school starts without any further restrictions for our students. Everything remains the same as before the autumn holidays, see update from 10.8.2020.

The Berlin Senate has proclaimed the level “yellow” as a preventive measure for all Berlin schools in the Corona Step Plan from 26.10.20. This does not change anything for students in Years 1-10. From now on, our staff must wear the mouth and nose protection in the staff common rooms.

From this week on, every Thursday, all schools will receive individual information from the Berlin Senate Administration about the next stage and measures to be taken from the following Monday. The decision for each individual school will be made by the district health authority in cooperation with the regional school supervisory authority on the basis of the actual incidence of infection at the individual schools as well as the general incidence of infection in the respective districts and in the state of Berlin as a whole.

We inform our school community every Friday in our newsletter by e-mail and publish important information and current measures or changes here.

In the downloads area you will find all important documents and overviews of the Berlin Senate or you can look directly at the website of the Berlin Senate for up-to-date information.

+++ Update of 10.8.2020 +++

Lessons at PLATANUS SCHULE BERLIN start on 10.8. for all students according to our timetable. The full-day programme takes place between 6am and 6pm for all children according to their EföB voucher. We are especially pleased that we will be able to hold the enrolment celebrations for our new 1st classes as planned and in accordance with the hygiene rules on August 15th. This school year, the clubs will start at the end of August/beginning of September.

Access to the school building is only possible with a mouth-and-nose covering, which is worn by everyone in the corridors, staircases, toilets and canteen. Students and teaching staff can take off the mask when seated in the classroom, Ganztag room or subject room. If the teachers are unable to maintain the distance rules in class, for example, because they are going to individual students, explaining or discussing something, they will wear the mask. When arriving and leaving school, all students and staff have to wear a mask.

Parents and visitors have to wear the mask in the entire school building and in the schoolyard.

Furthermore, we comply with all regulations of the model hygiene plan of the Senate Administration of 4.8.2020. Under downloads you will find all important documents and imformation of the Berlin Senate.

+++ Update of 6.7.2020 +++

As things stand at present, school will start on August 10th for all students in Years 2 to 10 and children in Year 1 who are in the holiday care program, and on August 17th for all Year 1 students, subject to the observance of hygiene rules, but without distance rules (see last update). We are very pleased that our Starting School Celebration for our “Firsties” in two new classes can take place due to a staggered schedule, changes in the program and limits on the number of participants. Now we wish you nice holidays and will get back to you before the beginning of the school year with current information.

+++ Update of 11.6.2020 +++

By staggering the timetable and well-organised room planning, we can make it possible to issue report cards to the students together in their classes while observing all distance and hygiene rules. This gives our children and teenagers the chance to see each other again in their class communities and to say goodbye before the summer holidays.

Yesterday, the Berlin Senate announced the abolition of the distance rules and the return to normal after the summer holidays. As things stand today, we will be able to resume our usual daily routine in the new school year with lessons, all-day activities and school events, possibly with adjustments in the areas of sports, swimming, music and theatre. More detailed information will be provided before the start of the school year.

If the incidence of infection increases again significantly at the beginning or during the course of the 2020/21 school year, and if stricter hygiene and distance rules are once again imposed in schools by the Berlin Senate, a return to the present model of classroom instruction and school-led learning at home is possible.

+++ Update of 11.5.2020 +++

We are very happy to welcome back our first and fourth graders on 18.5. as well as the students of classes 2 and 3 on 25.5. as a last boost. In order to enable all children and teenagers to attend school again, we have made some adjustments. All classes 1 to 6 and class 8a will be divided into 2 learning groups – “Apples” and “Bananas” – and taught alternately on a weekly basis. Classes 7, 9 and 10 do not have to be divided due to the size of the classes. We have succeeded in maintaining the usual timetable for all school classes. Thanks to a special route plan in the school building, the division of the schoolyard into different areas, staggered times for the beginning and end of the school day, and a new seating plan in classrooms/cafeteria, we adhere to the rules of distance and hygiene, thus enabling all children and young people to return to school and attend classes in all classes.

Students who belong to a risk group or who live together with people from a risk group are offered further support in learning at home.

Until further notice, only lessons will take place. Study groups, early and late supervision, extra-curricular activities or events are still suspended.

+++ Update of 6.5.2020 +++

On Monday, 11.5.2020 classes 7a and 8a will be able to attend our school again. All information about the reopening and lessons in the school from the last update are still valid.

+++ Update of 17.4.2020 +++

The gradual reopening of the Berlin schools will begin shortly. In accordance with the specifications of the Berlin Senate, our graduating class 10a will be the first class in school again from Monday, 27.4.2020. Classes 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b and 9a will follow on Monday, 4.5.2020.
Until further notice, only teaching lessons will be held. Clubs, early/late care, extra-curricular activities or events are still suspended. We will ensure that all distance and hygiene rules are observed. For all other classes, home schooling will continue to be organized.

+++ Important announcement on the closure of the Berlin schools – 13.3.2020 +++

In order to contain the spread of the Corona Virus, the Berlin Senate has decided to close all schools until 17.04.2020, at the end of the Easter holidays. Therefore, we are currently reorganizing the learning and working at our school.
In the school office, one staff member is available Monday to Friday, from 10am to 2pm to answer your questions and deal with organizational matters. During this time, we are available for you personally or by telephone. You are also welcome to send us an email at any time to ed.eluhcs-sunatalp@ofni.

Our team have set up emergency care for children whose parents work in systemically important professions (e.g. medical staff, employees in supermarkets or heads of task forces and crisis teams).

Of course, we largely minimize personal contact. Whenever unavoidable, e.g. in emergency care or personal contacts in the school office, we always ensure that the necessary physical distance is maintained and that hygiene rules are observed to prevent infection. All premises used are thoroughly cleaned daily (emergency care) or every two days (school office and staff rooms).

We have put together a comprehensive homework and online learning package for all students every week and are in constant contact with both the students and their parents via email. All students have an MS365 account, their own Platanus email address, and each class has its own email distribution list for students and parents.

In the home office and at school, we are also working hard on the development of our e-learning offer to make distance learning at home even more interactive, creative, and challenging. With Years 5-10, we want to start using Microsoft Teams and OneNote as an online classroom shortly, and with Years 1-4, the online classroom Seesaw. These platforms are now available to the entire Platanus team. The school leadership and pedagogical team as well as the students will encourage and support each other in the two weeks before the Easter holidays to get to know these online classrooms and use them intensively and meaningfully for distance learning.

Hopefully we will soon be able to learn and work together again, in this case but also if the school remains closed after the Easter holidays – Microsoft Teams, OneNote, and Seesaw will always be important parts of our lessons in the future.