Project days

On our 10 to 12 project days per school year, the students deal with interesting, current, everyday and student-related topics with a focus on:

  • our emphasis of bilingualism/languages and MINT (Mathematics/IT/Natural Sciences/Technology)
  • cross-curricular themes from the new Berlin Curriculum, for example equality and equal rights, intercultural education, sustainable development
  • Years 5–10: Work & Travel

Schüler im Naturwissenschaften Unterricht

In project work, independent and self-organized learning is particularly important to us.

We undertake excursions, visit special places of learning and enter into cooperation with external institutions, institutes and companies which we visit on our project days or invite guests to our school. We attach particular importance to practical learning and workshop work and give our secondary school students active career and life orientation.

We encourage them to take responsibility and play an active part in shaping school life, e.g. through sponsorships, activities and assuming responsibility at festivals and school events.