Kindergarten Registration Process

Thank you for your interest in our PLATANUS kindergarten.

From the 1st of September 2020 you can register your child born in 2020, kindergarten year 2021/22, via the registration form for our PLATANUS kindergarten. This will begin on the 01.08.2021. Unfortunately, we cannot offer care before this date.

If you have decided to register your child at our kindergarten, please fill out our Online-Registration form.
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Bilingual Kindergarten
We emphasise well-balanced kindergarten groups with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. We presuppose that all parents aim for well-raised and educated children. In order to achieve this, we ask you to actively collaborate with us in reaching this goal together.

Bilingual Preschool
Our bilingual preschool program (German/English) accepts children that speak either language at a native level. Knowledge of the other language is desired but not required.

Questions and Answers Regarding the Enrolment Process

The registration period for a new kindergarten year always starts on September 1st of the previous year.
  1. We will confirm your online registration by e-mail.
  2. We will inform you when we have places available.
  3. We will invite you to information events and a meet and greet.
  4. To sign the contract you make an appointment and will come to the PLATANUS kindergarten in Benjamin-Vogelsdorff-Str. 1.
  5. The kindergarten year and the familiarisation in the nursery start on 1st of August. The other kindergarten groups start after our summer closing time.
  1. We will confirm your online registration by e-mail.
  2. After our ‘Open House Day’ in October we will send you the application documents by e-mail. Please send back the completed application form and all other necessary documents by mail to the PLATANUS Kindergarten by the end of November. You are also welcome to drop the documents in our mailbox at our kindergarten in Benjamin-Vogelsdorff-Str. 1.
  3. In mid-December, we will invite you and your child to a trial day in the existing preschool groups in February/March of the following year.
  4. At the end of March we will inform you whether we can offer you a preschool place.
  5. Starting in April we will assign dates for signing the contract in our Platanus Kindergarten in Benjamin-Vogelsdorff-Str. 1. The kindergarten contract is valid from 1st of August of the current year. The first day of the preschool groups depends on our summer closing time.
We look forward to your online registration and are happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Platanus Kindergarten and Preschool
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