The PLATANUS Kindergarten implements a special pedagogical concept which goes beyond the Berlin educational program.

This results in voluntary payments, which the parents make and which enable the provider to implement additional offers. The benefits from these voluntary payments are an increased personnel ressources, many excursions (e.g. theatre visits, performances, interesting events), our excellent equipment (workshop, garden and pedagogically valuable materials), sports and exercise offers, quality assurance through training measures as well as a solidarity contribution for low-income families.

For organisational reasons, these co-payments are the same in all PLATANUS facilities. The smaller children benefit more from the age-appropriate equipment and hygiene, material and snack suitable for them, and the older children in the area of culture, sports and gardening.

The budget is determined by the Kita management in the parents’ committee and decided annually. At present the monthly costs amount to 50.00 EUR.

Blick in einen Kita-Raum

Regular meals are important for children to ensure full concentration and performance. In order to get through the day well, every kindergarten child should have balanced snacks available.

The Berlin Senate charges 23.00 EUR per month for the children’s lunch. This parental contribution is obligatory for all families. We also offer you the following catering package in addition to lunch, which is partly financed by your contribution of 23.00 EUR and partly by the Platanus Bildungs gGmbH:

  • full day offer of snacks/unsweetened drinks warm/cold
  • wholemeal biscuits, rusks, rice cakes
  • full-day provision & preparation of fresh fruit and raw vegetables

The food used is of organic quality. Our suppliers are e.g. “Fruit at Work”, “Logisch Bio” and “Märkische Kiste”.

In addition, the children eat Vespers daily after the rest break. This consists of:

  • muesli/milk/yoghurt/fruit yoghurt, quark, nuts
  • sliced bread, crispbread, fillinchen (with curd cheese, butter, cheese, sausage)
  • vegetable sticks/fruit salad
  • an additional snack box for full day excursions

The cost of the snack offer is currently 25.00 euros per month.

Should not enough parents wish these additional benefits (concept and catering), it is not possible for us to offer the above services at the price mentioned.