School Registration Process

Thank you for your interest in a school place at our bilingual primary and secondary school.

The first step in the application process is the non-binding registration via our application form, thereby signalling your interest in a school place. Should we be able to offer free school places in the corresponding class level, you can continue by entering all personal data. If all school places are occupied, you will be informed immediately. If school places are available, we will inform you by e-mail about the next step in the application process.

In principle, we only accept children into our bilingual school who speak either German or English at a native level. Language skills in the other language are desirable in Years 1 to 4, but not required. From Year 5 onwards, children who have at least a little prior knowledge of German have a better chance of being admitted and from Year 7 onwards we expect an appropriate level (B1) in German to enable successful completion of the Mittlerer Schulabschluss (MSA) at the end of Year 10.

If we have free places available, high-achieving and motivated students are welcome in all years. The prerequisite for admission is that the child’s level of academic performance, work and social behaviour, as well as the motivation within the family, allow us to expect that a possible backlog in the other language can be made up.

After successful completion of the trial days, we also offer admission during the current school year.

If you are interested in a place in this or next school year, you are welcome to fill in the application form immediately. Should you wish to apply for the following school year 2023/24, registration is possible for all grades from 1st of September 2022.

Have you already decided to enrol your child at Platanus? Then fill out the online registration form
Kinder zeigen Daumen hoch

Questions and answers regarding enrolment

Please fill out the online registration form here.
The enrolment period for the new school year always begins on the 1st of September of the preceding year.
There are still a few places in specific classes in the current school year. We will gladly advise you if it is possible to accept your child. Please first fill out our online registration form. There is only one exception: due to the preparations for the Mittlerer Schulabschluss – MSA (intermediate school leaving certificate), we do not accept new students in the current 10th grade.
We will confirm via email that we have received your registration and will send you our application form as an attachment if we can offer a school place. Please return the completed application form and the required documents to us, preferably scanned, by e-mail or by post. We will confirm upon receipt via email.

  • For the new 1st grades in the school year 2022/23: The school places in the future 1st classes have already all been allocated.
  • For our 7th grades in the school year 2022/23: After checking all received, completed application documents, we will make a preselection and then invite your child to trial days or a get-to-know appointment. After these days we will decide on the admission.
  • For the current 1st to 9th grades in the school year 2021/22: We will invite your child to at least 3 trial days or to a trial week with us and then decide on the adission.

If we can offer you a school place, the last step is to sign the school contract with us.

The costs for the primary school (Years 1 to 6) consist of the tuition fee, the costs for the full-day care (only for Years 3 to 6), the joint fund and other costs such as school trips.

The costs for the secondary school (grades 7 to 10) are made up of the school fees, the lunch costs (optional), joint fund, teaching materials and other costs such as school trips.

Further information as well as a tuition calculator can be found here: Costs for the Gemeinschaftsschule.

We look forward to your online registration and are happy to answer any further questions you may have:

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