School Registration Process

Thank you for your interest in a school place at our bilingual primary and secondary school.

The first step in the application process is the non-binding registration via our application form, thereby signalling your interest in a school place. Should we be able to offer free school places in the corresponding class level, you can continue by entering all personal data. If all school places are occupied, you will be informed immediately. If school places are available, we will inform you by e-mail about the next step in the application process. Please note our admission criteria, which you will find under “Questions and Answers” below.

If we have free places available, high-achieving and motivated students are welcome in all years. The prerequisite for admission is that the child’s level of academic performance, work and social behaviour, as well as the motivation within the family, allow us to expect that a possible backlog in the other language can be made up.

After successful completion of the trial days, we also offer admission during the current school year.

If you are interested in a place in this or next school year, you are welcome to fill in the application form immediately.

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Questions and answers regarding enrolment

Please fill out the online registration form here.

The most important admission criterion at our school is that all students can speak either German OR English at a native level. This applies to all Year levels. It is also important that the parents speak German or English at least well enough for us to communicate without any problems.

In Years 5 and 6, at least some prior knowledge of the other language is desirable and increases the chance of admission.

From Year 7 onwards, it is necessary for English-speaking students to be able to speak German at least at B1 level in order to be able to successfully complete the Mittlerer Schulabschluss (intermediate school leaving certificate) after Year 10. German-speaking students should at least have studied English at school and have prior knowledge appropriate to their Year level, as well as good grades in English. As we also teach Spanish as a compulsory foreign language from Year 7 onwards, it is necessary for lateral entrants to have a knowledge of Spanish at the level of the corresponding Year in order to be admitted to the Secondary School.

Bilingual learning can be an additional challenge for students with special learning needs, especially if they already have a diagnosis that makes it difficult for them to learn a language, such as a reading and spelling disability.

Exceptions to the above requirements are only made in the case of very high-achieving, highly motivated students with very good reports and good work and social behaviour.

Basically, it is important that the students are motivated and looking forward to learning German and English at a bilingual school.

If you have any questions, please contact our admission team, Ms Ameti or Ms Prüske-Strutz.

The enrolment period for the new school year always begins on the 1st of September of the preceding year.

There are still a few places in specific classes in the current school year. We will gladly advise you if it is possible to accept your child. Please first fill out our online registration form. There is only one exception: due to the preparations for the Mittlerer Schulabschluss – MSA (intermediate school leaving certificate), we do not accept new students in the current 10th grade.

We will confirm receipt of your online registration by e-mail and send you our application form as an attachment if we can offer a school place. Please return the completed application form and the required documents to us preferably scanned as a PDF by e-mail. As soon as we have received the complete application documents, we will check together with the school leadership team whether we can offer your child either a trial week or an appointment to get to know the school.

  • For the new 1st grades in the school year 2023/24: We are in the application process and you are welcome to register your child via the application form. We will then send you the application form by email. Please submit the application documents by 31 October 2022 at the latest. In November 2022, we will hold two get-to-know-you dates and invite families to visit us at school. Due to the particularly high demand, we ask for your understanding that we cannot invite all families who have applied. A pre-selection will take place after reviewing all application documents received. In December 2022/January 2023, you will receive an email from us informing you whether we can offer your child a school place.
  • For our 7th grades in the school year 2023/24: We are in the application process and you are welcome to register your child via the application form. You will then receive an application form by email. After reviewing the application documents received, we will make a preliminary selection and, if suitable, invite your child to at least three trial days or to a trial week or a get-to-know-you date with us.
  • For the current 1st to 9th grades in the school year 2022/23: Please register your child via the application form. If we have free places, you will be sent an application form. After reviewing the application documents received, we will make a preliminary selection and, if suitable, invite your child to at least three trial days or to a trial week or an appointment to get to know us. We will then decide whether your child will be admitted.

If we can offer you a school place, the last step is to sign the school contract with us.

In order to be admitted to our school, it is always necessary for us to get to know the student beforehand.

For our ” Firsties” in the coming school year, we organise a get-to-know-you appointment. Your child will spend a morning with teachers and educators from our school in a group with about 11 other children. Of course, our team is prepared for the fact that some children are shy or reserved with unfamiliar people and in unfamiliar surroundings. With patience and attention, we make the children feel comfortable and playfully carry out various individual and group activities. We are particularly interested in the physical and cognitive development, the social interaction in a group and the language level of your child. In the meantime, our school leadership and admissions team will hold a meeting with parents to discuss mutual expectations and wishes as well as to clarify any questions regarding admission and our concept. For the trial period, we charge a fee of 25 EUR per day. During this time, your child is insured at our school and can of course take part in lunch. For trial periods, absence from the school the student is currently attending will also be excused.

For applications for a school place in the classes already in progress, it is necessary for the children to complete trial days or, in most cases, a whole trial week with us. During this time, they visit our school like our own students and will also take short one-time tests on their current learning level in Mathematics, German and English. At the end of the week, we collect feedback from all teachers and educators on your child’s academic performance as well as their work and social behaviour.

For admission to Year 7, we also offer trial weeks in Year 6 during the school year and an additional get-to-know-you appointment at the end of Year 6. During this trial visit, we spend a morning with the students at our school to gain a personal impression and also test their learning level in mathematics, German and English.

After the get-to-know appointment or at the end of the trial week, the head of school of the respective Year decides on admission.

The costs for the primary school (Years 1 to 6) consist of the tuition fee, the costs for the full-day care (only for Years 3 to 6), the joint fund and other costs such as school trips.

The costs for the secondary school (grades 7 to 10) are made up of the school fees, the lunch costs (optional), joint fund, teaching materials and other costs such as school trips.

Further information as well as a tuition calculator can be found here: Costs for the Gemeinschaftsschule.

We look forward to your online registration and are happy to answer any further questions you may have:

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