Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) for 2022/23

We are looking for motivated young people with working languages of either German or English to complete our international team in our bilingual primary and secondary school, starting in school year 2022/23.

You support us in our work with children from the 1st to 6th grade during lessons and co-curricular enrichment time. In order to make the school day as varied as possible for the children and the working day as pleasant and smooth as it can be for all of us, the enthusiasm and commitment of all employees is very important – and of course yours as a social year volunteer! If you would like to gather your first work experience in an international, open and caring community, then come join us for a year!

Activities (after consultation):

  • To help the teacher/Erzieher during teaching and learning time
  • To assist as a 2nd or 3rd person for the children during swimming, sport lessons or for excursions
  • Participation in breakfast and lunch breaks
  • Helping to supervise the free play in the afternoons
  • The organisation and implementation of an afternoon club alongside a teacher/Erzieher
  • Completing small shopping trips for materials used in our work with the children
  • Participation in team training days, team celebrations, staff and team consultations, and occasionally by appointment on Saturdays, e.g. Einschulungsfeier (First Day of School) or Magic Movie Night
  • Support and active participation in the organisation and preparation of festivals and celebrations, e.g. Halloween, sports day, Christmas concert
  • Creative work with the children, e.g. designing of posters and collages
  • Support for administrative tasks in the school office

Ideas and your own initiative are always welcome.

 If you are interested, please send your application to: 

Platanus Schule Berlin

Whitney Morris-Lange (Head of Co-Curricular Enrichment Program)

Berliner Straße 12

13187 Berlin

E-Mail: xneevrer@cyngnahf-fpuhyr.qr

We look forward to hearing from you!


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