Lars Lüer

Head of School Co-Curricular Enrichment Program – Years 1 to 10, Club Coordinator

Lars Lüer is responsible for the students in Years 1 to 10 and guides the educational, pedagogical and administrative work of the Erzieher*innen and the club leaders during school time and during the holidays.

He was born in Halle/Saale and moved to Berlin in 1988, where he later passed his Abitur. He also completed his vocational training as a state-approved educator in Berlin and has been active in the social sector since 1999. Mr. Lüer worked for 3 years (1999 to 2002) in a residential home for adults with mental and physical disabilities, one year of which he completed his community service. From 2002 to 2007 he worked in a private school for children and adolescents with mental and physical disabilities, and then for 3 years in the inpatient youth welfare service with a special profile. From 2010 to 2014, Lars Lüer was the educational director of a tour operator for children and youth travel. Following this position, he worked as a freelancer in the field of experiential education for 3 years. In addition to his professional challenges, he passionately enjoyed training a Pankow girls’ football team in his spare time for 5 years.

Since 2017 Lars Lüer has been part of the Platanus team as an Erzieher, and since 2019 he has the responsibility for all clubs in our school.