Registration form for Primary and Secondary School – Welcome Class

You can register your child for the school online here. We will confirm your online registration via email and will send you our enrolment forms. Please send these forms filled out back to us either via post or email with all the necessary documentation.

    Online registration for a school place

    Dear parents, we ask for your understanding that we cannot continue with the application process in this case, as this is an essential admission criteria at our bilingual primary and secondary school. Best regards, Your Platanus Team

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    Dear Parents, Thank you very much for your interest in a school place in our bilingual school. As all school places in this grade level are occupied and the waiting list is also already very long, we are unfortunately unable to accept any further registrations/applications at this time. We ask for your understanding and wish your family all the best for the future. Your Platanus Team

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    I hereby register my child for the Platanus Schule. In doing so, I accept the following conditions:

    This registration has no legal claim to a place in the Platanus Schule.

    I am aware that school places are allocated on the basis of a selection procedure and I agree that the Platanus Schule may invite us to a get-to-know appointment or that my child may attend 1 to 5 trial days.

    I am aware that my personal information will be processed and saved electronically. This information will be used exclusively to process your application, will be kept strictly confidential and not passed on to third parties as mandated by law.

    We cordially thank you for your interest and your application!

    Your Platanus Team