Wanted: Educator for our Kindergarten!

We are looking for experienced and motivated Educators for our bilingual Platanus Kindergarten to complete our international team, starting now.

Here you can find 15 good reasons to apply to Platanus Kindergarten Berlin:

  • Our bilingual Kindergarten (German/English) offers a vibrant and culturally diverse community of values with people from all around the world.
  • Responsibility, independence, respect, tolerance, self-confidence and gender equality are values that we live by every single day.
  • Our comprehensive, modern educational approach aims to motivate children to learn actively and independently.
  • The group sizes are optimally adapted to our spatial conditions and amount to a maximum of 18 children per group.
  • Fostering a pleasant and friendly working atmosphere is a matter close to our heart.
  • Teamwork is very important to us! Our teams get a lot of support and input to manage the demanding work with the children every day.
  • Newcomers at our Platanus Kindergarten will of course receive our full attention and support.
  • We will help you in learning German or English.
  • Your professional development is important to us: We encourage participation in internal and external training courses or evaluations in both financial and organisational respects.
  • You are welcome to implement your own ideas and personal interests in a varied and diverse work life.
  • We are open to your constructive feedback everyday and appreciate your life and professional experience in our joint work.
  • Special work equipment for the duration of your employment and a generous, well-equipped area for our employees create optimal working conditions.
  • Life doesn’t always go the way it’s supposed to. If necessary, we facilitate life coaching and supervision in difficult life situations.
  • Working time is living time! We try to respond to individual needs and take into account your own personal work-life balance when creating timetables.
  • Remuneration is paid according to our in-house tariff with 6 pay grade levels.

If you are passionate about working as an educator and are looking for a position in an international and inspiring working environment, please send your application to karriere@platanus-schule.de.

We can think of a lot more reasons, but we would like to share them with you in a face-to-face meeting and get to know you.

We look forward to meeting you!

Platanus Bildungs gGmbH

Frau Kristin Wendorf (Managing Director Platanus Kindergarten)

Berliner Straße 12

13187 Berlin

E-Mail: karriere@platanus-schule.de

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