”Act for Peace“ – We together with Greenpeace!

Platanus for PeaceTogether with Greenpeace e.V. we are launching an action for peace in the world, because all people – pupils and parents as well as our entire team – are deeply touched by the news and pictures from Ukraine and want to set an example for peace in the world:

Our cooperation partner Greepeace eV. has planned the following action in which we are participating:

”It’s easy to take part: students, teachers, school administrators, school staff, former students, parents – simply anyone who wants to send a message from school to the world – create their own personal handprint for peace. Whether with paint on paper, cut out of cardboard, handprints on a piece of cloth – there are no limits to your imagination. In the schoolyard, all handprints will be put together to form a large peace sign and photographed from a bird’s eye view. If you are not there, you can send your handprint digitally to gro.ecaepneerg@gnudlib. Greenpeace will use all the pictures from schoolyards all over Germany and the handprints sent in to create a large mosaic in the form of a giant peace dove that will rise into the sky from a schoolyard in the middle of Germany in a Greenpeace hot air balloon on 17 March.

In the Lessons for Peace, Greenpeace and the Public Climate School will address the many issues and questions that the war in Ukraine confronts us with in three live lessons. In order to send a strong joint signal for peace against the war, all schools in Germany are also invited to participate in the initiative ’Act for Peace – Hand in Hand for Peace‘.

Representing everyone, a group of students from all over Germany will help launch the hot air balloon and dove on 17 March from a schoolyard in Oberdorla, near the geographical centre of Germany. Via a livestream, everyone can digitally ride in the basket of the hot air balloon and accompany the flight of the dove of peace. Greenpeace and Public Climate Schools will ensure that the dove, as a sign of peace, hope and solidarity, also finds its way to the people of Ukraine via the media and social media and is seen by many people in the world.“

In our school, we address the topic of war in terms of content and emotion in all classes and talk about it with our pupils in an age-appropriate way. Our school psychologist, Mrs Kölle-Bork, is available to help children and adults if there is a need to talk about it.

We are also thinking about further offers of help from our school for refugees from Ukraine.


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