Application Form for the Kindergarten

You can register your child online here for the kindergarten or the preschool. You will receive a confirmation email and if registered for preschool, our application form. Please complete the registration form and return it with any necessary documents to us electronically or via mail. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the registration procedures for the kindergarten and the costs of the kindergarten.

    Information regarding the Child

    * Mandatory Information
    Address of Child:

    Information regarding Parent I

    Information regarding Parent II

    Further Information

    I hereby register my child in Platanus Kindergarten. In doing so, I accept the following conditions: This registration has no legal claim to a Kindergarten spot in the Platanus Kindergarten. I am aware that Kindergarten spots are distributed to children that meet certain criteria, and I agree to attend an initial meeting together with my child. I am aware that my personal information will be processed and saved electronically. This information will be used exclusively to process your application, will be kept strictly confidential and not passed on to third parties as mandated by law. The Platanus Kindergarten is a Ganztagskindergarten and only accepts children with a contract or Kita-Gutschein of 7 to 9 hours. We cordially thank you for your interest and your application! Your Platanus Team Loading...