Fairplayer Program – Against bullying and exclusion!

Das Fairplayer Programm

This school year, a new project was allowed to move into the 5th and 6th grades for the first time. The Fairplayer.Manual is a preventive anti-bullying program. It was developed by an experienced team of educators, psychologists and social workers in cooperation with the Freie Universität Berlin and is based on scientific findings and proven methods.

Awarded with the highest effectiveness level on the Green List Prevention (www.gruene-liste-praevention.de) and the European Crime Prevention Award 2011, the Fairplayer.Manual is currently one of the most important prevention programs in the field of bullying. Therefore, it was high time that Platanus Schule also became Fairplayer.

The program consists of 16 different modules that build on each other and are geared to the needs of the respective target group. In weekly double lessons, the students learn important basics about rules, children’s rights, moral courage and what bullying actually means and who is involved. For the students, there was a big AHA effect when they realized that there are not only the roles of the bullied person and the bullying person, but that there are also outsiders, reinforcers and potential helpers. Class climate and communication with each other and with teachers are important components in preventing and combating bullying.

The theory is presented to the students in a variety of ways through role plays, group and individual work, and video sequences. However, the focus is always on the individual view of each child and the protection of their own boundaries, feelings and willingness to contribute something to the topic.

The aim of the Fairplayer.Manual is to create a climate of tolerance, respect and solidarity and to prevent bullying. It is an important contribution to creating a peaceful and respectful school culture and therefore receives full support within our school community.

In order to sensitize even more classes to this topic, the Fairplayer will also move into two more grade levels in the coming year.


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