We would like to thank our Period Squad task force!

Schüler*innen mit Hygieneartikeln

Following on from the topic of sex and relationships in Year 8 last year, a group of students – the Period Squad – became interested in the costs of menstrual hygiene products and considered how we could support the girls and women in our school community. After some research, many conversations and interesting discussions, the school leadership agreed to provide hygiene items such as panty liners, pads and tampons free of charge in eight of the school’s toilets. In cooperation with our parents’ association ‘Platanus & Friends’ (who paid for the dispensers), the students of 9a are responsible for restocking the products and visiting all classes to inform about what the products in the toilets are and what they are used for.

At Platanus, we are looking forward to becoming a menstruation-friendly school, and we encourage all parents to talk openly with their children (regardless of their age) about this natural process and help us end the stigma. Of course, Ms. Barry and the Period Squad of class 9a are always available to answer any questions.


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